Pack Leaders (Our team)

Meet the BITP Team

  • Cahris

    Breed: Human. Position in Pack: Owner/ Pack Leader & Dog Walker Cahris founded Barks In The Park in 2010 as a small dog walking business. She then went on to create and operate a highly successful Dog Daycare Centre with wonderful pack leaders working for her and caring for happy furry clients during the day. She has since sold the dog daycare centre so she can concentrate on her busy dog walking duties!
  • Cassie

    Breed: Human Position in Pack: Pack Leader / Wedding Pet Attendant. Cassie a keen animal lover, grew up in Queensland with 1 dog and 2 cats. Cassie started off as a TAFE student with BITP and after 6 months became an employee. She has a special love for nuggets, also know as staffies. Since moving in with her partner she is now a proud pawrent of a blue staffy named Biggie and plans to expand the fur family (just don't tell her partner)! Cassie is great with a mop and a poo bag!
  • Emma

    Breed: Human Position in pack: Pack Leader / Dog Walker. Emma grew up in a small country town north of Perth & growing up she had dogs, cats, chooks & ducks! Emma started dog walking with Cahris & loved it straight away! Seeing how happy the pooches were out on their stroll was so lovely & certainly put a smile on her face! Animals have always been a big part of Emma's life, she's very passionate & caring towards them & thinks they're great companions & very good listeners!!