Pack Leaders (Our team)

Meet the BITP Team

  • Cahris

    Breed: Human. Position in Pack:Pack Leader Cahris founded Barks In The Park in 2010 as a small dog walking business. With her pack of pack leaders she now offers Perth an award winning pet service. Cahris oversees the business and operates the Dog Day Care Centre, the Dog Wash in between dog walking and pet sitting.
  • Frank

    Breed: Bait Position in Pack: Handyman Frank has been known to BITP owner Cahris for the past 13 years. He helps build agility ramps, fixing pens, back yard up keep and pats the dogs when not working for his own business Franks Tanks. Frank has had pet sitting experience as well as owning family pets of a bird, two cats and plenty of fish! It is evident that the dogs love Frank when he works at the centre.
  • Nicole

    Breed: Human Position in Pack: Pack Leader Nicole has grown up with dogs all her life and currently has 2 Border Collies who she loves dearly. Nicole has always been passionate about dogs and has been eager to learn more about them. She says its been a dream of hers to work with dogs and getting the opportunity to work at BITP is a dream come true for her every day.
  • Chloe

    Breed: Human Position in Pack: Pack Leader Chloe grew up in a rural town and was lucky enough to have all kinds of animals as pets, big and small. Chloe's favourite aspects of working at BITP is learning about dog behaviours and the individuality of different breeds. She feels its important that each dog's day at daycare is fun, positive and rewarding. Whilst Chloe doesn't have any pets as she lives in an apartment she feels so lucky being surrounded by so many dogs she can cuddles every day.