Pack Leaders (Our team)

Meet the BITP Team

  • Cahris

    Breed: Human. Position in Pack: Pack Leader/ Pet Wedding Attendant Cahris founded Barks In The Park in 2010 as a small dog walking business. She then went on to create and operate a highly successful Dog Daycare Centre with wonderful pack leaders working for her and caring for happy furry clients during the day. She has since sold the dog daycare centre to one of her amazing staff, now called Pawsome Doggy Daycare. Cahris will now be concentrating on her busy Pet Wedding Attendant duties!
  • Chloe

    Breed: Human Position in Pack: Pack Leader/ Pet Wedding Attendant Chloe grew up in a rural town and was lucky enough to have all kinds of animals as pets, big and small. Chloe's favourite aspects of working with BITP is learning about dog behaviours and the individuality of different breeds. She feels its important that each dog has a fun, positive and rewarding time with her. Whilst Chloe doesn't have any pets as she lives in an apartment she feels so lucky being surrounded by so many dogs she can cuddles every day.